Smallfield Cricket Club and South Park Manor Cricket Club merged in 2016 to form Smallfield Manor Cricket Club.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, all inclusive club that is open to all.

We play both weekend league and friendly matches plus the ever popular T20 format also league (Surrey Slam) and friendlies.

We have an artificial surface net facility, the base of which was renewed last season with financial assistance from the Gatwick Airport Community Trust.

The pavilion, pictured below, has large changing facilities, club room and bar. Membership is open to both playing and non playing members.

Early Days at Plough Road


This photo is dated 1955 but it is likely to be a couple of years later. It is taken outside the old Pavilion, which was replaced in 1974. Before this was built the players changed in a shed behind the Plough pub, opposite the ground...aah 'the good old days'...

The Old Pavilion - built in 1974


A massive improvement on the original pavilion, it had the luxury of showers (unlike the original which consisted of a sluice from a bucket if you wanted a wash down!) This new pavilion was also re-located off the playing area which allowed for a much larger outfield

The Latest Pavilion Incarnation


Built in 1999 with a massive cash injection from Tandridge District Council with further financial and materials assistance from the British Airports Authority, Agualisa Showers and Carter Thorne Carpets (CTC). The structure was built over and around the original pavilion and incorporated enhanced changing facilities, larger bar area, new kitchen and disabled persons toilet facilities

Another view of the 1974 Pavilion


It now seems incredibly small compared to the new pavilion

Full Frontal View


The full scale of the new pavilion can now be appreciated

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